Get those thoughts out of your head


You’ve probably heard loads of good things about journaling.

How life-changing it is, how you can lift your mood, get focussed, sort your shit out and literally write your dreams into reality.

And yes, you can.

So you go and buy yourself a gorgeous new journal.

You get out your favourite pen.

You sit yourself down ready to put pen to paper.



the words just aren’t coming.

You start, and then scribble it out…

So you try again…

and as you start to write you just feel like a dick.

How can I create my reality and feel amazing if I don’t know what to write???

And then comes the frustration. So you drop the pen, close the gorgeous new journal and move onto something else.

But before you go, I want to let you know that I hear you and I’ve got you.

Journaling is my jam and I never tire of things to write but I have listened to my Dream and Do Club members and the many other clients and women I have spoken to and I’ve heard you say that sitting down and writing doesn’t come easy.

I created 111 journaling prompts for my Dreamers and Doers and it’s too good not to share.

To get yours, pop your name in the box below and give us a hell yeah!

P.S You will also receive inspiring and actionable insights and musings from me each week.

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