Don’t let your idea go to waste..

I’ve got back into running recently and I love an early evening run in the Autumn time.

Seeing the lights coming on in all the houses and an atmosphere of impending food, catching-up, relaxing and reflecting hanging in the air so tangible you can feel it.

It’s also the time when many people get their creativity on.

And the curious part of me wonders what they’re doing and how they are doing it?

It’s a bit like when I meet someone new. And me being me I quickly want to go below surface level. Superficial small talk is awkward and boring, so if they are willing, we quickly by-pass that stuff and get to matters of the heart.

Very often this means the conversation turns to their dreams for creative ideas or projects. The ones they adore but haven’t yet got off the ground.

Inevitably, it’s always confidence and lack thereof that has got in the way.

They might circle around time being the issue.

Along with lack of knowledge and

not knowing the ‘right’ people.

or having a big enough Instagram following.

Yadda yadda yadda.

…and then as I continue to probe them about their idea I can see their excitement start to grow. And then I get excited and they in turn respond with more excitement and moments later we are a fireball of energy and enthusiasm.

As we continue to talk, the fear and lack of confidence subsides
and by the end of the conversation they are charged up.

This is what the Creative Women’s Mastermind is all about.

Taking that idea and giving you what you need to put it out and into the world.


Well, your big impact driven, change making idea isn’t helping anyone when it is just stuck in your head, right?

If you are nodding in agreement, let me tell you about the Creative Women’s Mastermind…

❤️The Creative Women’s Mastermind ❤️

This Mastermind is designed to help you release your creativity and unleash it onto the world. It is for women who have a specific project/idea in mind that they want to get off the ground.  You get to bring it to life in an intimate adventure – there are only a maximum of 6 spaces (4 remaining) – which includes a unique combination of group, 1-2-1 and in person elements. 

If this speaks to you, and you are ready to invest in yourself and your idea, send me an email and we’ll book in a chat to see if this is the right thing for you. Scheduling a call doesn’t guarantee a place nor does it mean that this is the perfect programme for you. I will always (lovingly) let you know if it isn’t.

P.S  – Even if you don’t have a creative project on your mind, I know confidence is a biggie for you. I have been sharing weekly Confidence Tips over in the Collective. There have been 2 so far, just search #confidencetips to find them.

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