Think about the future to be in the present

What if I told you that thinking about your future makes you more present?

I know its sounds like an oxymoron. You’re probably thinking that I am messing with you or that I am crazy.  Everyone talks about being more present and NOT thinking about the future.

And yes I get that. Yet I think there is one thing we are missing with that philosophy.

Thinking about the future is ok.

It is WORRYING about the future that isn’t.

It’s planning to the nth degree and letting those plans to be weights around our shoulders. It is being inflexible about what is to come and like I said it is worrying and what iff-ing all over it.

I believe thinking about our future makes us more present.


Well…our minds make things real to us before they become apparent to anyone else. It all starts with an idea, a spark, a vision. So in a sense our future is with us right now.

This present moment is the beginning and continuation of your future. In the now we are creating the future.

The notion of possibility means that you have to be present. It’s about stepping into the moment and choosing to see that possibility now.

Close your eyes and you can see it, you can be there.

In this place the possibilities are real, endless and alive…

and not only does it feel really good but it is rewiring the mind.

I believe it is about existing in that place of possibility as much as possible…

and that doesn’t mean quitting your job/business/family/home and going to live in a commune, or packing up and having to live permanently in a yoga retreat or even wake-up at 5am every damn day ; ).

All of this future gazing, visualising and dreaming doesn’t come at the detriment to your present. In fact it only serves to enhance your present.

It makes you more conscious of the decisions you are making now because you can see who you are in the future, from the decisions you make and the desires you have today.

Its not about stressing about the future, its about changing the way you perceive it, its recognising that you are a co—creator and have a hand in what it looks like and then using it as a crutch for joy, excitement, happiness, peace and love.


You can simply choose the possibility. And here are some ways that you can do just that.

1, Visualising yourself in that place.
2, Developing a loving inner voice instead of the inner critic.
3, Gratitude.
4, Listening to podcasts… for reals! Find the ones that expand, excite and light you up (and I’m totally throwing mine into the mix when it comes out next month)
5, Reading books that help you grow.
6, Journaling..¦write that shit out. Always.
7, Spending time with people who uplift you.
8, Take action…take a small step, do something!!!

This is the soul work made easy.


P.s – Its the very first time I am mentioning this. I am launching a Creative Women’s Mastermind that is all about releasing your creativity and unleashing it onto the world. This is for women who have a specific project/idea in mind that they want to get off the ground and they get to bring it to life in an intimate (there are only 4 spaces) adventure combining creativity, confidence and connection. I can feel the excitement in just writing these words. More details about booking in a chat to see if this is right for you coming tomorrow but if I have already piqued your interest and you want to get in on that call early. Pop me an email and you’ll be at the top of the list.

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