Podcast 11: Starting something new with Hannah Martin



In this episode I am in conversation with Hannah Martin, Founder of Talented Ladies Club.

Talented Ladies Club launched in 2013 and since then has grown into a site which attracts 78,000 readers a month across the world. With a library of online training courses on everything business and career related alongside over 1700 articles there is so much genuine support within those pages.

Hannah is an absolute fountain of knowledge, in this podcast she talks about her journey to getting to the place she is now and drops gems galore on how you can still work in the way you want to when kids and family life is thrown into the mix, that it is ok for those desires to change when life changes and how to keep moving forward and taking action.

If you are in a place of desiring change in your work, life or business this is the episode for you…

Follow Hannah…

Website – https://www.talentedladiesclub.com/
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/talentedladiesclub/
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/talentedladiesclub

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