You’ve stepped out there and made your thing, you’ve created your amazing clothing line, lifestyle product, book or service and you know it is going to change lives and help people…but the problem is that those people don’t know about it…yet. And you’re not sure how to let them know.

You’ve probably watched ALL the webinars, signed-up to ALL the newsletters and listened to ALL the podcasts and yet still feel confused and like something just isn’t sitting right.

Well this is for you…

as a marketing professional for 15 years, I have an understanding of traditional and digital marketing but more than that I use my coaching skills to bring YOU into the mix.

As a one-woman-band your venture and the way you market it straggles between being a brand in its own right and a personal brand. After all people buy people, right? And ultimately in this digital age where there are likely to be lots of businesses offering what you offer, YOU are your own competitive advantage.

I help you to create a brand and ‘do’ marketing in a way that not only represents you but also enables you to find your ease and flow. Yes we get out of comfort zones, because nothing amazing ever happened in those but even if you’re out of your comfort zone it will still feel intrinsically you.

I have a gentle yet challenging style that lovingly stretches you. I won’t be calling you out on your BS or telling you you need to be fixed (you don’t, you’re not broken, you’re amazing). None of that is my style. In fact, what you’ll find is that I want you to bring all of you to the table, because in that is your unique voice, your why, your passion and that’s what soulful social media is ALL about.

Sound good?

If so, I’ve designed this awesome package to help with just that…



This is where style, strategy and social media collide…your style (what would you be talking about if there was no judgement? what do you really want to say?), strategy (who are you talking to and how are you talking to them) and finally social media (cos that’s what we’re working with).

What you’ll get…

– A clear idea of your message
– An easy to implement content creation strategy
– A 60 minute coaching session with a recording

This is for you if…

– you are a mission driven business i.e. you have a strong reason for your existence and you have a change you want to make in the world.

– you are currently confused on where and how to show-up.

– you know you need to be on social media, its where your people are BUT it triggers the hell out of you.

– you want a look and feel that represents you.

– you want to show-up and shine instead of hiding in the shadows ; )

My mission across everything I do is to help you to show-up as more of yourself. Its where the magic is! And I do this by giving you confidence in your voice and helping you to develop a look, feel and approach that feels right to you.


If this sounds like what you need, then get in touch here.



which includes all of the above plus…

– An audit of your current channels (Facebook and Instagram)
– A content plan (that you can also use for email marketing!)
– Plus email access to me for 7 days after a call to hold your hand through your soulful social media journey. 


This is what other women, just like you have said about working with me…

“Feeling at a place of confusion with many aspects of my life was leaving me feeling anxious and unsure. However the coaching sessions with Nicola have helped me to break down why and how I have been feeling. They were priceless to be honest as they helped me to unlock the passion that I have been so fearful to embrace, and have encouraged me to embark on a new journey.

If you are a woman in need of a bit of motivation Nicola is definitely the woman for you.”

Chyloe Powell

“Our 1 to 1 session was a gentle but firm steer filled with smiles and laughter that reminded me that  everything I need to pursue my passion, hopes and dreams is already within me.  Sometimes you just need a cheerleader in your corner, rooting for  you.  And that is exactly what Nicola was and is for me.”

Ashleigh Thompson



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