Doing the work and not just owning the thing

I posted a live video in the Collective FB group recently called ‘Doing the work and not just owning the thing’ and it seemed to hit a nerve going by the number of virtual nods and hi-fives I received.

We have all the stuff but are we doing the work?

The alternative is to choose not to do anything, to keep that BRILLIANT book on the bookshelf or all of those notes you took at that AMAZING event still hidden away in your notebook?

And I get it, it happens to all of us.

At least we we were inspired, right?

Actually no!

We want to be more than inspired. We want life-changing transformations. We want to feel better We want less stress and more joy.

So, what’s the one thing you can do today to get you closer to your goal? 

P.S – Soul work is more fun in a community. You get to share and riff off one another but you also actually do the work and then, well, you get to live the magical results. The Dream and Do Club is just that, soul work, sisterhood and support.

You bring the dream and we’ll build it together through a personal growth experience like no other.

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