Celebrate yourself

At the start of the year I created a little ‘Bye Bye 2016, Hello 2017’ worksheet, to share with you what I do as an alternative to setting New Year’s resolutions (If you haven’t grabbed yours, you’ll find it here).

One of the activities I encouraged everyone to do is ‘get their brag on’!

It had an interesting response with some women well up for getting stuck in, many feeling uncomfortable at the mere thought of it and even more finding it really difficult to actually do.

I’m not going to apologise for making you feel uncomfortable ; )

Being able to big yourself up is something I want you to be able to do and the Brag list is a technique I hold firm as part of coaching toolkit.

Not only does it help with showing you in black and white how amazing you are but it is also something to help raise your vibe on those down days and it encourages you to celebrate yourself…and that is ALWAYS a good thing.

I’m on a mission to get us to do this and not just talk about doing it, so I decided to create a monthly Brag Party.

This is a gentle nudge to start acknowledging your achievements.

As women we have been taught that bigging ourselves up means we are self-obsessed or conceited, as a little girl you might have been defined as a ‘show-off’, whereas the same behaviour was seen as confident and self-assured when the little boys were acting this way.

So for many of you there is a level of conditioning to release from, there is also the issue of finding the time and recognising the importance of writing this shit down, and for others it is simply jogging your memory to your awesomeness.

How does this work?

Ok, so I’ll get to the nitty gritty…at the end of each month I’ll be hosting a Brag Party in the A Life More Inspired Collective (which is our group over on Facebook).

IF you don’t (yet) feel comfortable shouting yourself out public don’t worry it’s a closed group, so a safe space.

Come armed with what about yourself made you proud/happy/feel good. And even if you think January was a bad month for you, there will always be a hidden gem and a lesson learnt.

I really hope you join me there.

Sending love & light,
Nicola X x