Are you giving in to self doubt

I had spent months researching, prepping and priming.

The website was perfect, I loved the name ‘The Social Stylist’, the right images, RGB colour codes and fonts had been painstakingly chosen, packages polished and everything was just right.

No more excuses…

I was good to go.

…and then the day came. It was time to finally press publish.

The mouse hovered over the button and I started to shake, the nausea rose from my stomach through to my chest and started to spread throughout my body.

This is it.

I am putting my stuff out and into the world and this unexpected emotional earthquake both surprised and overwhelmed me. The room suddenly got warmer and I started sweating.

…and then the internal dialogue started.


‘Can I do this?
Do I deserve it?
What happens if I am inundated and I can’t cope?
What if there’s no response?
What if I’m not good enough?
What if people say mean things?’

Round and round…on and on.

Yet, this was what I was meant to be doing so why was I feeling this way, what had all of those late nights and early mornings and fighting with technology and colour matching been for?

Does this sound familiar? 

So many of us reach these roadblocks, sometimes unexpected as mine was, or sometimes so glaringly obvious that at best all we can do is avoid.

For me, on that day it is was a website yet it goes wider than this and it’s a story that is repeated in different ways, for women just like you, everyday

It could be a decision to stop the soul-sucking job, to start the venture that has been on your heart and in your mind forever, to ask your partner for what it is you want, or indeed find the right partner and to start saying what you really think.

And its not a nice feeling. To have the desire, to be very nearly there and know that you are getting in your own way. You know there are no excuses, no-one else to blame but unconsciously we justify why we are staying stuck.

That’s what self-doubt does. It makes second guessing and over-thinking the default position.

If you find yourself in a situation where self-doubt has you in it’s grip and is stopping you from moving forward, I think you’ll enjoy this post where I’ll be sharing some powerful tips on overcoming it and learning to trust yourself.

If you want to go deeper on dealing with your self -doubt step this way ➡