Affirmation & Journaling Challenge

As you know, I love me some affirmations. So much so that I designed a card deck which takes pride of my place in my shop and is now sold out. More on that here.

Affirmations changed the way my mind works.

They helped turn the negative voice in my head, the one that is overly critical and quite frankly holds me back, into my inner champion.

I grew up thinking this Negative Nancy or ‘Nicola’ in my case was normal and completely acceptable.

After all, most of the women around me were equally harsh on themselves, self depreciating humour and judgement being standard practice. I didn’t believe this behaviour could be changed because I didn’t even recognise it as behaviour. It was just life.

And journaling? Well journaling is my jam.


I love writing it out and getting shit out of my head and onto paper.

Journaling calms me down, helps me find solutions in an otherwise haze of problems, gently erases barriers until they are blips and takes me from dreaming about that thing to actually living it.

It wasn’t until I got to the grand old age of 30 something, when I embarked on this self-discovery journey that I found out.

I found out about all of these things that could help to change everything, from my thoughts, to my outlook on life, to the way I saw myself and the world around me.

I felt like I had finally been let in on a huge secret.

Fast forward to today and I’ve made it my mission to share that ‘secret’ with as many people as possible.

It was during a yoga class a couple of weeks ago that the idea came to me. These are 2 tools that I adore. 2 tools that have made a massive impact on my life so why not combine them to help others also create an impact in their lives…

and so the Affirmation Journaling challenge was born.

In this challenge, I am sharing how I have used affirmations in my journaling practice. And how doing it in this way kickstarted my journey to self-love.

I really hope you’ll join in for the ride and invite your friends to come along too. We kick-off on Monday 24th April, nearly 100 of you have already signed up and I am so excited to get started.


Sending love & light

Nicola X x