Why a beginner's mind is a good thing

Hey Rookie.

How did it feel when you read the above line? 

Did it put your back-up? Did you immediately say 'I'm no rookie?' or did you feel yourself shrink a little as you thought, 'FFS, is there another thing that I don't know?'

In general, there are 2 ways to come at things…going by the learnings of the past and relying on that experience and expertise. And I know you get this. You’ve worked hard to get to where you are, you know your stuff and you use that to map out your future, right? 

...and then there is the Shoshin (初心), a concept from Zen Buddhism which means "beginner's mind". 

Stepping into the unknown, the unexplored and starting something new. 

Scary, yes but also the sweet spot between arghh what am I doing and excitement and anticipation. 

When is the last time you felt like that? 

The beginner's mind is about coming to things from the start, as a rookie. Without the baggage that the weight of experience can bring. A beginner’s mind has curiosity and fresh eyes whether doing something for the 1st or 1000th time. 

…and it’s something you can get just like that, you've just got to ask yourself this simple question.

If I were coming to this from the beginning what would I be thinking, how would I act? 

Sometimes the weight of experience messes with our confidence. It sets expectations that we just don’t need. 

…and I know you probably feel it too. An unspoken expectation that we should have it all sorted by now. Yet no-one does. No-one has all the answers, has everything all lined up and completely knows what they are doing and where they are heading…contrary to what social media would have us believe.

And after all, where would the fun be in that?

So today I invite you to REALLY embrace the beginner’s mind. 


Because in this state despite 'not knowing’ or ‘it being new’, you have the biggie, you have the thing that sets it apart…you have the perfect blend of excitable energy and wide-eyed curiosity. 

Unconsciously, its a confidence builder too. Stepping onto that fresh page takes courage and that in turn works our confidence muscle. 

So where can you have a beginner’s mind today?  

If you are receiving this email, It’s highly likely that you have something that you want to do, a book brimming with ideas, places to visit, things to see, ways to be and a life to experience. 

Let’s not keep it in the book or in your mind. Take the first step and choose one. 

Then…your mission if you choose to accept it? Email me and tell me what it is. 

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