Behind the scenes

Everyone likes to have a look behind the scenes, right? Or am I the only one who loves to see the journey that leads to the finished product?

This week I was taking the product photos of the refreshed and upgraded cards + prints and inspiration-in-a-boxes.

Society glorifies the finale, the glossy finished often ‘air-brushed’ product but what about the stop start and the messy middle?

My life’s mantra has always been ‘enjoy the journey’ and its been a long time coming but today I’m changing it.

Rather than ‘enjoy’, it’s about ‘appreciating’ the journey.

Stopping in the moment and taking stock.

So many women struggle with this, maybe you are one of them?

I have introduced an end of month ritual in the Dream and Do Club where we recognise and acknowledge the lessons and achievements of the month. Bringing appreciation of the journey to life.

Of course it is all wrapped around gratitude but it is more than that. This is also about developing a deep appreciation of ourselves and our story then owning it and coming to terms with it….

…which is so freeing.

Back in 2012 I experienced the hardest year of my life trying to become a Mum and that was the start of my own mantra becoming redundant.

There wasn’t anything to enjoy about the journey, yet even when it was hard to put one foot in front of the other, there was part of me that still appreciated it as part of my journey and believed deep down that better times were coming.

And this carries right through to the present day, as I took in the behind scenes of my product photoshoot, I felt this overwhelming sense of appreciation. For the exciting start, the messy middle and the beautiful finish.

…and that beautiful finish looks a little something like this.