Confession...sometimes I feel like I'm the X-Factor kid

I love this journey. You never stop learning and as each layer is peeled away, new things are revealed.

Surprising things.

Things you didn’t even realise were there.

Now I hope you don’t think that because I am the woman at the helm of A Life More Inspired that I have my shit ALL sorted.

I don’t. I don’t think anyone does.

But by drawing on various tools and techniques it is certainly a million times better than it used to be.

A Life More Inspired aims to help women rewrite the stories we have adopted or have been assigned. Today, I’m about to get vulnerable and share a story of my own that I recently uncovered.

One that had been unconsciously governing me and feeding into my fears and doubts.

And so I come onto the story of ‘The X-Factor Kid’.

Yes, you read that correctly, I am totally talking about that Saturday night ‘talent’ show.

You know the ones. They always include a fair few every season. The guy or gal who auditions and then totally embarrasses themselves in full view of the entire nation.

With the painful scene then magnified by the media, as it is repeated on Monday morning TV shows. Having already gone viral on the internet, hitting millions of views in the 48 hours since it aired. Therefore creating a week’s worth of water cooler conversation and the focus of much piss taking.

I don’t know about you, but I when I was growing up, as we gathered around the telly on a Saturday night and watched the car-crash unfold.

The talk was always the same.

Didn’t they have anyone to tell them they couldn’t sing / dance / perform / string a sentence together???

Why didn’t the people that love them, tell them???.”

And as trite as it sounds, therein lies the crux of my story and the belief that I had running around my mind.

Last month, I had an EFT session with Samantha Wardle, Hypnotherapist and EFT practitioner. We did a few rounds and that is where my ‘X-Factor kid’ story began to emerge.

During Samantha’s careful questioning and intuitive exploring, she uncovered this idea that had burrowed its way into my subconscious and was unwittingly controlling me.

My feelings of not wanting to be the X-Factor kid run deep.

I am almost in a constant state of anticipation. At any moment, half expecting friends and family to take me aside to tell me I am crazy, in an attempt to save me from myself!

And the result?

I hold back.

Not wanting to be that kid on stage, the one who puts themselves out there.

The one who is ridiculed.

Laughed at.

Made fun of.

The EFT session showed that a part of me.

A big part.

Was thinking that maybe I am ‘The X-factor kid’????

It was like a lightbulb went off in my mind. The dots were connected and in that moment I understood.

And the most powerful part was the awareness.

I now recognise when the feeling is bubbling and most importantly where it is coming from.

I tap on it, I honour it and I see it for what it really is.

A story.

A belief.

A thought that my mind has made into a tangible thing.

And I now know that it is a lie.

I am not the ‘X-Factor kid’.

And no, it’s not a magic cure. The proverbial stage fright will resurface but I know what it looks like and I have the tools to deal with it.

And there we have it.

Another layer peeled away.

Our minds work in funny ways. And so many of us are living within the constraints of stories and beliefs that we don’t even know are there.

A Life More Inspired is all about getting you out of your own head and out of your own way.