The confidence myth

Confidence isn’t being able to stand and talk in front of a million people…without your heart racing.

Confidence isn’t being the loudest person in the room.

Confidence isn’t saying whatever you think no matter what the impact is going to be.

Confidence isn’t not feeling scared, open, vulnerable, anxious.

Confidence is doing the thing.

Confidence is believing in something.

Confidence is being vulnerable.

Confidence is putting yourself out there.

Confidence is showing-up and speaking up even when you feel like all you want to do is go back to bed.

Confidence is being comfortable in your own skin.

Confidence is being able to say what you think and not over analysing for days what everyone thought of it and you.

Confidence is not second guessing yourself..all.the .time.

Confidence is taking your flaws and instead of hiding them it is lovingly accepting them as something that makes you you.

Confidence is taking your past experiences and learning from them, maybe sharing if you feel called to, maybe not. It doesn’t matter, IT’s owning them and not letting them own you.

Confidence is walking into a room and then walking out and not mind reading about what you think everyone is thinking about you.

Confidence is hanging out in the sweet spot of fear and excitement.

Confidence is being able to look another woman in the eye and compliment her, openly and genuinely.

Confidence is seeing someone else living their life and not taking it to be a commentary on the way you choose to live yours.

Confidence is knowing that you were put here for a reason and you are living it out in your own way.

Confidence is growth.Confidence is stretching.

Confidence is understanding how innately amazing you are. Because you are.