Do this to help your creativity

I'm coming at you today with a hefty dose of creative motivation for your week. 

If there’s something on your heart that you’ve been wanting to create for a while.

Scrolling the entire internet in the name of research...or in the name of killing time whilst waiting for the right time....or in the name of needing to read just one.more.thing.

Isn’t going to get you there.

They are undercover procrastination techniques designed to trick your mind into thinking you are ‘creating’. Try consuming less and see what happens 😉✨.


I cannot stress it enough.

Consumption directly takes away from our ability to create on so many levels. 

If you find yourself nodding in agreement or wondering if I'm tapping your phone then head over and watch this video on IGTV where I go into more detail. 

...and reach out and let me know what you think! 

 in case you haven't been told this in a while, by someone else or by yourself to yourself ; ) ... YOU ARE A M A Z I N G

and for those at the back, I'll say it again