Do You Have A Love Hate Relationship With Instagram?

I shared a post on Instagram this week about well...Instagram. 

It was an image which featured the caption 'Instagram is art and not reality' and it evoked quite a reaction. 

Instagram is visually beautiful and the communities it has blossomed are freaking awesome but without a doubt the ability to see ‘a version’ of other people’s lives leads us to compare our behind the scenes with other people’s highlights. And please note the word 'version' because THAT is exactly what it is. 
The majority of the conversations I have with clients venture into the world of the gram - from comparisonitus through to the way it makes us feel (namely inadequate and not enough), whilst simultaneously loving the community, the visuals and the storytelling. 

During our time together we then go on to talk about how they can navigate their way through the social world whilst maintaining their sanity, sense of self and creativity.

I believe it's all wrapped around the following 3 elements
1) Learning to protect your energy
2) Having awareness of your self and what your triggers are (and those triggers aren't to be feared, in fact they are gold in telling us what you want and how you want to be showing-up - more on that coming on the podcast very soon).
3) Being hella liberal with the unfollow button so that you can curate your feed like you would a dinner party.

Ultimately, its about you managing the gram *exchange for whichever social media works for you* and it not managing you.

If social media is making you feel shit, back away from it, dip in and out until you develop strategies to help you to be able to stay a while. 

I speak to soo many women who then feel less then and this affects their ability to create and their state of wellbeing. As I'm all about creativity and wellness... you being able to put your stuff out and into the world, whilst looking after you and your emotional wellness is my mission.

Check out this podcast conversation which is all about honouring your energy and it feeds directly into this.

Take a listen here and please share with anyone you think needs to hear it.

I would love to hear your thoughts on ALL of this. Email me and let me know. 

And...if you want some one-on-one help to navigate this or anything else to do with your creative life, then a STYLE SESSION is the perfect place to can book in here