My story in a book...Filter Free: Real Life Stories of Real Women

The first iteration of this post was done by hand, I took pen to paper whilst my daughter was in the bath, the washing machine was wurring and I was bracing myself for an afternoon of soft play as she had her 3rd birthday party of the weekend to attend, yes I know, right!

And now I am sat on sofa readying myself for the week ahead and yet to come down from my high following the launch of the Filter Free: Real Life Stores from Real Women on Friday night. 

My friend Lauren Derrett, Founder of This Girl is Enough has written a book which is a collection of stories from real women. It aims to remove the filter we've been so accustomed to viewing the world, ourselves and each other through. 

I contributed the story of my birthmark and at the launch party I took the ultimate step in sharing the thing I thought I would never ever share. Yet I did, and I have. In a book of all places. 

The night was full of tears, laughter, hugs and prosecco! To see how the stories were already transforming the women in the room, as they heard them for the first time filled me with joy and confirmed why despite feeling crazy at times at my decision. I did the right thing in saying yes to being a part of the Filter Free movement. 

This book will let you know you are not alone, that you are stronger than you think and you are enough. Always.