Forget Resolutions

One of the things that lights me up about the New Year is that it has all the ingredients to celebrate, acknowledge and show gratitude for the year that has passed whilst getting excited for what is to come (which is also a great vibration for the Law of Attraction).

With all the New Year, New You bulls**t flying around, I put together a worksheet for my clients sharing how my end of year/new year jam session goes down and I wanted to share the love with you guys too!

Download the worksheet here. 

As you can probably tell ; ) I am not a fan of resolutions. They are shrouded in so much pressure, distant memories by the 31st January leaving us feeling despondent and apathetic.

Not what we need to get to a place of everyday joy!

The work I have been doing over the last few years has caused me switch it up a whole lot.

I prefer to harness the energy that a New Year brings to provide momentum that lasts through all the 365 days. It is an approach that is more intuitive and aligned to our individual wants and desires.

I think it is really important for us to be intentional if we are to call in what it is we want.

Here’s the recording of my live jam session where I talk through the process.

Feel free to grab the worksheet so you can follow along.

p.s If you would like more support to dream big and take you to you best year yet. Get in touch.

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