How to use affirmations

I love me an affirmation. A small yet mighty act we can all make to help us feel better. As well as  create a new narrative and rewrite the stories that don’t serve us.


There are lots of ways to incorporate affirmations into your day. And therein lies the key, affirmations need to be part of your everyday.

It’s not a case of just  picking a card, saying it once and boom the magic happens. If we want to turn that inner critic around then we need to drown it out. This starts by repeating the affirmation and putting it in places you will see it often.


Here are 10 ways to use affirmations everyday…


1 – On the bathroom mirror – The energy around saying an affirmation to your reflection is like nothing else. It lends itself to mirror work, which is one of the best ways to work on self-love.

2 – In your car – Peripheral vision is when you are looking at the point ahead of you but you are also aware of what is going on above and to the side of you. When driving we have to employ those skills in being able to see others on the road. This is a really good state to be in when learning, as we have access to our unconscious mind. This is exciting because it is in our unconscious mind where the real behaviour change takes place. So in short, reading a card before you set off on your journey and having it in your car is doing you a world of good.

3 – At your desk – As you are getting on with your work day keeping a card by your side acts as a wonderful reminder during the challenges your are dealt.

4 – On the fridge – If you are anything like me, its another place that you visit multiple times a day. If you tend to comfort eat, reading an affirmation before you open the fridge door can help you to be more mindful about your decisions.

5 – Journal on it – Journaling is my jam. Honestly, I will never stop saying this. There is something magically powerful about writing. So write that shit down…over and over again. Write out the affirmation. Write out what comes up for you. Write out how it feels or would feel to be in this state of mind.Did you get the memo…write it out.

6 – Meditate on it – I will be creating some Affirmation Meditations in the very near future but until then either head over to Insight Timer or YouTube or simply sit and get quiet with your affirmation in mind.

7 – Talk about it – Now this one is based upon having people close to you that you can have those open, honest and vulnerable conversations with. Being able to articulate your affirmations and say them out loud has huge benefits. If you are wanting to find your tribe, head over here to the Collective. Introduce yourself and just start.

8 – Have one on your bedside table so that its the last thing you see at night and first thing in the morning – I am a big believer that the way we start and end our day has a massive impact on the way we feel and therefore show up. Whether it is an alarm or a small child waking you up, taking 2 seconds to read an affirmation will fuel up your inner cheerleader for the day ahead.

9 – Keep one in your make-up bag – No matter what your relationship with make-up is, reading an affirmation as you put on your make-up is a chance for you to recognise your beauty with or without it, inside and out.

10 – Get yourself some Mala beads (Ari & Frey do the most lovely ones) – Mala beads make the repetition simple and doable. During the spaces of the day use your beads to repeat an affirmation, on a good day that means you’ll be repeating it 108 times!


Do you have other ways you use yours? Hit me with it.

My love for affirmation runs deep, so much so that I created my own affirmation card deck. Check it out here.

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