If not now, when

Have you ever had one of those chance encounters with a complete stranger, one that makes such an impact and makes you feel as though it may just change the course of things to come?

A few words exchanged, yet a lasting imprint on your conscience and something that you. just . can’t . shake?

Well, that is exactly what happened to me at an event a couple of weeks ago. I got chatting to a guy who was telling me about the moment he decided to pursue his passion.He used to be a very successful banker but his heart’s desire lay in screen-writing. It always had but the programming of life had made him choose banking as a career instead.

Lucrative. Yes. But far from the light giving and soul singing thing that he really wanted to be spending his days doing.

He called the change, his f**k it moment.Sadly it was instigated by the sudden passing of his father. The shock, grief and overwhelming sadness  causing him to re-evaluate if he was really happy.

And therein started the journey of him going for it. He got accepted into a prestigious film school in the USA and started living out his dreams.

He adopted an attitude that allowed him to say f**k it and be fearless.

In that moment, whilst talking with this stranger, I silently made a pact with myself. Taking a stand and refusing to wait for something big to happen and be the catalyst that knocks me into a realm of possibility.

From now on, every plan, every goal and every wish will be swiftly followed up with an ‘If not now, when?’.

Putting myself in this frame of mind has allowed me to make some decisions, both big and small. But most of all, it has made  me take action.Fired up by the fact that I am not NEEDING bad shit to happen or in contrast WAITING for my numbers to come up in the lottery, to give me permission to go for it.

It got me thinking.

How about if we all put ourselves in that place now? Where what we want becomes a plausible given, viable option and a clear just do it!

Instead of a sidelined dream reserved solely for ‘one days’, ‘perfect situations’ and ‘hopefullys’.So I ask you today. What are you waiting for permission to do? What would you allow yourself to do if something horrible happened?

Don’t wait for that to be the reason. Make that change now.

In the spirit of my “if not now, when?’, last week I did my Reiki Level 1. I’ve been flirting with the idea for a while. It was on my ‘one day in the future’ list. Yet circumstances would have it that the opportunity found me and the flirt because a full-on war cry.

So I did it! And I’m so glad I did.

What’s on your wish list? Things you want to try, places you want to see, things you want to do and experiences you want to have?

Let’s get to them! Sign yourself up, make the call and send the email. Have your f**k it moment now!

Sending love & light