Is social media making you sad?

Recently I’ve had lots of conversations with amazing women just like you and no matter where we start the convo always includes talk of social media and how lost it is making us feel.

Maybe you understand and are feeling a little lost in this digital age?

Connected yet fragmented.

 Full yet empty.

 Busy yet lonely.

 That status update from a friend making us feel that we know what’s going on in each other’s lives.

 Or the ‘like’ or ‘comment’ we gave the latest Insta post meaning we have touched base.

 Or a follow… don’t get me started on a follow…

 It is all just surface level small talk and cosmetic connection. A check-in here and a little wave there.

 Yet it never really gets real.

 It’s a very British ‘yes that’s fine’ when actually we feel pretty low.

 Or a ‘all good in the hood’ when the whirlwind of self-doubt is enveloping us into a rapidly developing shit-storm.

 Or an even more British trait of playing down our successes and refusing to celebrate our greatness.

 And I am not one to be all down in the dumps with digital. I adore it. I really do. It has opened up my world and allowed me to connect with an array of truly fantastic people. Yet I also understand how difficult it can be and how much of an adverse effect it can have.

 And this is why I am carving out this very special place in the interweb. A place where we can get real as we make dreams real. The Dream and Do Club is the antithesis to the digital age. A place to connect, support and do the inner work, be more than inspired, receive, celebrate and do it all again.

 And although this might seem like a contradiction in terms, something that exists online whilst advocating stepping back but that’s just it. I’m not about pretending. It’s about being honest and heartfelt, understanding the practicalities and using what we have in the way that feels good.

 So let’s use all that the digital world has afforded us but readdress the balance so we are steering the ship.

It might look like a digital detox, turning off the notifications, leaving the phone upstairs during dinner or out of the bedroom during the night, or curating your news-feed like you would your wardrobe.