Listening to yourself

I’ve always known that my gift was my intuition coupled with my ability to make connections.
I undervalued it for most of my life, dismissing it as not being a proper gift like being able to play the piano or being a prima ballerina (I really did try at that one but fell short when aged 10, I came crashing to the floor in the middle of a Grade 4 ballet exam, busting my lip in the process. Still I got up brushed off my shoulders and continued my attempts at an arabesque into demi-pilè).

I wasn’t super duper clever in school but I performed fairly well academically and the A+ I put in for effort guaranteed good school reports. And as much as I desperately wanted to be artistic, what I crafted was so abstract that they never quite depicted what I had in my mind, or even the subject I had in front of me.

But intuition and connection have always been my super powers.

And in the last few years I have embraced it. Making a decision to step into it more fully and adding a big dollop of creativity to the mix.

Now I own it and it feels damn good.

It was a process and it didn’t happen overnight. And now I love to help others to do the same, find their super power, tap into their desires and start designing their lives on their terms.

There is way too much untapped potential and unexplored dreams out there for this mama to rest. And it frustrates me beyond words, as I know the resistance is coming from the stories we have either adopted or been assigned.

So A Life More Inspired intends to be the voice of positivity running through your day that rewrites those stories. Through words, 1-2-1 support, a community and beautiful products that speak to you throughout your day.

It literally will be that alternative voice. Designed to help you find your centre amongst the craziness and to remember 1) How amazing you are 2) That you are enough 3) How anything is possible.

And you know what?

I don’t care if some people roll their eyes, think I am away with the fairies or living in a fantasy world.

Because the RIGHT people, the women I want to talk to.

They get it.

Now I understand that some of the personal development rhetoric can get a bit woo woo and that too much woo woo turns you off but I happen to love it and love the results even more.

One of my skills is distilling that stuff into something that makes sense, something actionable that you can fit into your life and see the benefits from.


Because I want to make things better.

I liken it to when the 1950’s housewife got her first electric iron or when indoor toilets first became a thing.

Why wouldn’t you use it???

And this is not about fixing anybody.

For one, you are not broken. And secondly, as much as I would love to be Olivia Pope, I am not a fixer (my fellow Scandal fans will get that one).

You are amazing…you really are.
– You are the queen of multitasking and juggling ALL the balls.
– You have dreams that remain hidden…maybe even from yourself.
– You want to be the best version of you whether at home or work.
– You are sick of settling. Period.
– Whether having it all is or isn’t a myth, you just want to be able to define what your ‘all’ looks like and then live it.
– Sometimes it feels like you have done all the changing and the world isn’t quite keeping up.
– You grew up in the age of Girl Power and that made an impact on you. ‘Spice up your life’ means something to you. If you know, you know.
– You no longer party all night and work all day..and that is ok.
– Your vulnerability is your strength.
– You believe in magic!