Love Letters to New Mothers

Gayle Berry, founder of @blossomandberrybabymassage is a woman who makes things happen, a year ago she told me about this idea and now here it is!!! A collection of letters from mums around the world to new mums around the world. Dreaming and doing in action.

Gayle is a former client and I was honoured when she asked me to contribute a letter. Writing it felt emotional as did reading it back when I received the gorgeous book in my hands last week.

It makes the most beautiful gift to someone else (or yourself) and all proceeds go to the amazing @lovesupportunite.

I’m no longer a new Mum although all mums are in a sense, as each stage feels new in a very real way 😉.

I gained a whole lot from reading the letters from the other women. And it’s not a ‘do this or do that’ kind of thing more of a ‘it’s ok to not be ok and it’s ok you are amazing’ way. Because after all we have a whole lot of knowledge and wisdom between us and we’re stronger when we share it. ❤️

Get the book on Amazon here.