Making life changes

I recently re-connected with an old friend and she couldn’t believe how much I’d changed.

It’s weird because I remembered but I didn’t think anyone else did.

During primary school I was so painfully shy that sometimes the most I would say all day was ‘Yes Miss’ in response to my name being called for registration.

It was extreme shyness.

The shyness has a backstory of me being incredibly uncomfortable in my own skin, yet whenever I’ve spoken about it in the past I neglected to acknowledge that part. (I’ll be sharing more on in’s and outs over the coming months).

Back in those days and right up until my late 20’s, I thought the voice inside my head. That voice telling me I wasn’t good enough, attractive enough, clever enough…just enough, was the real deal.

I had assumed that everyone had a voice like this in their head.

It wasn’t until I started my self-discovery journey and found the world of personal growth and self-help that I realised that this was not the case, and the inner critic could actually be my inner champion.

Oh what a day that was.

So I just want to let you know that I get it…on so many levels.

The people pleasing, the second guessing yourself, the hiding, the inner critic having free reign.

You landing on this page shows me that you know what I am talking about.

I know you want to make a change. Maybe is it is glaring at you within arms reach or it might be way over there on the horizon, it could even be a glimmer of hope escaping through the cracks.

The main thing is that it is there.

So let’s do something with it.