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So many things have influenced my journey up until this point. Books have been a huge part of it (more to come on that very soon as I am aching to share them with you), alongside podcasts and support from a variety of mentors and masterminds.

One of the other things that has really made an impact is an online course of all things.

I know, pretty random right?

The course is the Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp from Denise Duffield Thomas.

The way I view money, think about money and actively make money has all changed and a large part of that is down to the Bootcamp.

Now some of you might already know of Denise and read her books and blog. For those of you haven’t, here’s the lowdown.

Denise is an incredible money mindset mentor, AKA “The Lucky Bitch” whose best-selling books and courses have helped thousands of women to step-up to create success and abundance.

In fact, she has a webinar taking place tomorrow all about uncovering and releasing money blocks.

It is taking place on Tuesday 25 October 6pm Eastern
3pm Pacific, 11pm London and 9am Wednesday Sydney.

You can sign up to join the webinar here:

I didn’t think I had a money mindset issue.

I’ve always been a pretty good saver and I managed to avoid loads of debt *albeit a student loan*. However, as I headed deeper into my self development journey I realised that boy o’ boy there was some shit to deal with.

The money stories I held were the typical ones that many of us believe. All based on what we have been told is the way the world works.

Things like…


‘Money is the root of all evil’ and

‘More money more problems’.

These unconscious beliefs were at the foundations of my money story. Infiltrating my thoughts and therefore my behaviour.

Is this starting to sound familiar?

The Bootcamp works on uncovering those beliefs and then bringing them right up to the surface, so that you can change that story and get to where you want to be.

If you are intrigued then go ahead and take a look at bootcamp here:


If you use my code to to sign-up to  the bootcamp, you will get a free transformational Style Session Session with me and an Affirmation Card + Print Pack. 

Me + You + One challenge/issue or problem you are facing = Problem solved.

Just make sure you use this link when you sign-up

If you have any questions, get in touch!

* I am proud affiliate of Denise’s work. If you purchase a Lucky Bee product or course I may receive a commission at no additional cost to you.

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