My story in Happiful magazine

A few weeks ago this happened. My story was featured on the pages of Happiful Magazine. Its the story of my birthmark and the story I never ever thought I would tell ANYONE. After some  *alot* of inner work I'm now at a place of not hiding it but actually sharing it with the world. 

Everyone has a metaphorical version of my birthmark, that thing they are scared to admit to others and themselves, that thing that is draped in shame and causes them to shrink and not take up space. 

And no I'm not saying you have to go onto Insta or Facebook and share like I did, in fact the most powerful part is sharing in the quiet of your journal to yourself. 

Owning our stories so they don't own us is one of the steps in being able to show-up and be more of you. This I KNOW to be true. 

If this brings up any stuff for you, feel free to hit reply and reach out.