A New Year message that is relevant at anytime of the year

After catching the flu over the holidays, its been a slow start to January but I'm sure like me you have been bombarded with all kinds of marketing messages, about becoming the 'new you'.  

Whilst I dislike the rhetoric that advocates 'lets play on your vulnerabilities' to get you to buy shit. I recognise that there is an energy at the start of the year that we can 100% harness and use to work with us rather than against us.

This year I'm giving myself permission (totally taken from writeyour2018story) to protect my energy and I am committed to helping you to do the same.  

Why? Well your magic lies within you. And the push and pull of life sometimes takes that away. I know that nurturing your creativity and your desires are important to you and protecting your energy is a part of this. 

So I'm writing this love note, with a few reminders to help you honour yourself and tune into your power in the face of the January BS.  

  • You are more than enough.
  • You are not broken or in need of fixing.
  • Wherever you are now, its exactly where you need to be (even if its really annoying to hear this).
  • Its ok to follow the excitement.
  • That creative project you've been sitting on or that idea you've got...you know the one. Well, it deserves to be seen...#justsaying
  • It's ok to honour your energy, feel your feelings and be where you are.
  • Stillness is underrated.
  • You are love. 

From me to you, you gorgeous human. 

Sending you love, 
Nicola X x