One Of The Most Powerful Words I've Taught My Daughter

Yesterday I taught my daughter one of the most powerful word ever and at the same time reminded myself of its power. 

As an NLP Coach communication is everything and language is central to this. Change your language, change your life is the real deal.

The kiddo wanted some swimming goggles and the conversation was going round and round as she found 20 different ways to ask me to buy them for her.

Until she ended it with an exasperated “I don’t have any swimming goggles”.



“You, don’t have any swimming goggles, yet”.

'What does that mean Mummy?"

"It means they are coming baby-girl."

Hope resumed. Order restored. Beautiful expectation created.

And it is something we can all do super duper easily.

What is it that you want?

How many times a day are you saying ‘I don’t have it”.

Out loud, in your thoughts or on paper? 

So yes, my affirmation cards aren’t in Selfridges…yet ; )

I’m not running a 5k without stopping…yet ; )

I haven't been invited to sit with Oprah...yet ; )

...but I believe they are coming. ✨

Catch my drift?