Open for business - Shop now open

The A Life More Inspired shop is now open!!!

It has been a complete labour of love and something I have been talking for what feels like FOREVER.

An idea I had a year ago that was only ready to be unleashed, after much inner work and support from some gorgeous people (you know who you are!).
The shop is designed to help you to start to build your toolkit.

Your toolkit is your box of tricks, there for you to dip into to help keep your vibe high whilst dealing with the challenges of modern life.

A Life More Inspired has always been about ‘Beautiful Everyday Reminders of Inspiration’ and I am so excited to introduce the products to support the life lessons.

Of course they make perfect gifts for loved ones especially as Christmas is coming but I also hope that you take the opportunity to gift them to yourself.

In designing them I had visions of little pieces of positivity being packaged up and making its way to amazing women like you. Giving you both a reminder and a big old push to show yourself some love.

But don’t be mistaken, this is more than just ‘treating yourself’.


This is about deep soul work.

This is about feeling good, really good, so that you can go into the world and make the most of life. Without letting stress, low confidence, overwhelm and whatever other shit is thrown your way, get in the way.

This is about finding your happy.

Shop here!

Sending love & light,
Nicola X x

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