Owning what you want

Ok, here goes.
I want to…
…help women live more intentional and conscious lives that ultimately make them happier.

…inspire women and help them to realise how amazing they are.

…make a living from my creative work.

…do work I LOVE every day.

…have control over my time and design a life that fits around my family.

…create and connect.

…live an abundant life in every way…and yes that means money too.

Phew there I said it.


So now that I have gone in on what I want, what do you really think of me?
Like really?

What feelings and emotions are evoked by the fact that I have devoted space and shared so freely what it is I want?


Maybe you think I am living with the fairies, muttering that Nicola has finally lost it or maybe you think I’m brave, stupid or a complete princess?


As a society we’re not encouraged to say those two simple words.

It’s almost a cultural conditioning that deems it inappropriate. An uncomfortable sign of everything narcissistic and self-absorbed about a person.

Some might even say that it is vulgar to be so open. Or at the very least, childish.

Accusations of being a diva or having ambitions of grandeur fly across the room whether spoken in words or unspoken in thought.

Yet the fact remains that someone who clearly knows what they want and can articulate this, is well…on their way to getting what they want.


As toddlers we freely and willingly stated what we wanted, then over time this was pushed and cajoled out of us, until as adults we forget HOW to even think in this way.

With the subliminal and sometimes not so subliminal message underlying it all being…you can’t always have what you want in life.


But what if you can?


I think it is ok to say ‘I want’ in fact it is more than ok, it is a necessary ingredient for your wellbeing.
And it is just as healthy and ok to say what you don’t want too.

In fact it is so very powerful to spend time focussing on what YOU WANT.

Thinking, feeling and visualising it, is sure to attract more of it. As well as focusing your mind on taking action to make it happen.

Far from being materialistic, even the ‘things’ you want can be deduced down to simple feelings.
It really does all come down to the way you want to FEEL.

Whilst recognising your wants are moving, fluid things that change and evolve, along with you and your growth.


Ultimately it’s ok to want what you want.


In the busy-ness of life, and as women our wants often get pushed way down the priority list.

With kids,
family and friends all coming first,
damn even the goldfish comes higher on the list.

We end up swallowed up the ‘realities’ of life.

I think its good to spend some time in the toddler mindset of just wanting; that pure unadulterated desire.


Because it is energy. And if channeled and pushed it builds momentum.

How long has it been since you really thought about what it is you want?


Not what you THINK you should want
what you want within the CONSTRAINTS of your current situation
OR the edited version to make it more palatable to those around you.


Just plain old simple desires. As long as it isn’t hurting another person, why shouldn’t you have what you want out of YOUR life.


Write it down, talk it out. Because once you start to vocalise it, take action and make it into a ‘thing’ that you put out into the Universe…you never know, it might just start happening.

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