Representation matters.. kid's parties and Princess Tiana

ts the kiddo’s birthday party on Saturday and Princess Tiana (and her frog) will be in attendance. I can’t bloody wait! The request for a princess had been submitted, she wanted Elsa but I wasn’t having it. I was on a mission to find a black princess and if we hadn’t, then the alternative was a bouncy castle. Representation matters for all but especially for our babies.

I’d underestimated how little things had changed until I had my own daughter. No matter how much I thought I had done, she had already developed a very 'white and long flowing hair' kinda view of what a princess could and should be. Leaving no space for her beautiful brown skin and gorgeous afro hair in this oh so narrow lens.

The work I do is centred on helping women to be more them in life and business so they can go create and dream and do. But beforehand you have to develop a sense of who you are and own it. Many struggle to start with as they are lacking that sense of self for a multitude of reasons but for some not seeing themselves in their world reflection is a part of it. Its like an extra hurdle that then becomes the default so much so that you don’t even realise its there. But it is. Its still a hurdle to jump. Representation matters.

So that’s what having Princess Tiana there on Saturday is about. And I’m effing sick of Elsa.

I am excited for her and ALL the girls and boys coming. I’m excited for them to see different, for possibilities to be illuminated and views unconsciously challenged. And because of it they will unknowingly work on being more ‘them’ whilst playing pass the parcel, dancing up a storm and getting high on sugar. ❤️
📸 This stunner of print is by the lovely @sasandyosh . I stole it from the kiddo’s wall but I promise I will return it 😉😝