Telling the inner critic to f**k off

This video had me in floods of tears.

To see and hear the inner critic in this way is powerful and THIS is why I care so much about the work I do. And why being your own best friend is something I stand for a million times over.

Negative self-talk is destructive and is not only holding us back but causing us to break ourselves down.

So please, whether it is about your looks, your weight, your past, your abilities, and whatever else. Know that you don’t have to feel this way. Know that you don’t have to have a voice in the back of your head telling that you are not good enough or you are not worthy.

That you can get hold of the inner critic and tell it to f**k off.

Some ways to do this…

1) Awareness is the first step. So much of the time it is unconscious and you might not even realise it is happening. Becoming aware allows you to identify it and give it the side step.

2) Affirmations are a great way to start with countering the inner critic, when she (or he) is telling you are this, that and the other, you come back with a counter comment i.e. I am beautiful inside and out. Repeatedly.

3) Talk to yourself how your best friend would talk to you. And choose love always.