The process of starting something new

What a week last week was! As I sit here on Sunday evening, reviewing the last 7 days and planning for the next 7 (do you do this?), I'm enjoying remembering how epic it was. From being on the panel at the 'How to build a soulful business event' at the British Library, to amazing client conversations, being interviewed for 2 podcasts and launching my own!

I'm using today's love note to share the reminders I've had in launching the podcast. As Brene Brown put it, I'm always in the 'arena' with you guys and I'm also taking ideas and turning them into creative projects and ventures.

Here's what I know for sure about the process...

Doing new things is always a good thing

Whether its a new platform, style, job, location or approach...the energy that comes with newness is a little bit magical and we can all do with a sprinkle of it.  For a while I'd been feeling the urge to do things differently as it was all getting kind of samey. If something is starting to feel a little stale for you...mix it up. 

Your role is to show-up and shine...

Create and distribute for the world to see, use, wear, buy, listen, watch and enjoy.  Overthinking outcomes is a waste of energy. Yes of course, have a vision, know your objective, be clear on your audience, have a purpose, and a strategy but don' Otherwise that wonderful idea will be stuck in your head or notebook and in that place it has 100% chance of making zero impact. 

Share, share and share again...

Anyone who has worked with me either in my mastermind or 1-2-1 will know that I'm all about getting visible through sharing. Share the process, share behind the scenes, share the creating, share your thoughts and share your everyday. Allow people the privilege of stepping into your world and walking the journey with you. And do this even when you feel scared!

It will build a community and they will be your biggest supporters, helping to keep you accountable and in turn sharing on your behalf. AND its a whole lot more fun too. 

If you have an idea you need support to bring into the world, or you're feeling blocked about your next steps, email and tell me all about it. 

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