Using affirmations with intention

If you've been here for more than a minute you'll know that I love me an affirmation, so much so that I create them

An affirmation is a statement you say out loud or in your mind about yourself or your situation. It is made an affirmation through the feeling and the repetition. 

Sooo, we are affirming all the time. It's just that some of those affirmations will be along the lines 'I could never', I can't', I'm not good enough', 'I'm lazy', 'I'm an idiot, 'I don't deserve happiness'...sound familiar? I could go on but I'll stop now.  

Its both unrealistic, unhelpful and dangerous to believe that all of our thoughts need to be positive but bringing some awareness to them is important.

Especially on those that pop-up when something goes wrongyou're about to stretch out of your comfort zone or when you're just about to take those small steps towards your dreams. It's at that point affirmations can be even more powerful in supporting you to keep moving forward.  

This is a reminder to bring some intention to your affirmations and
here are a few to help you through your week..

'I have a contribution to make, I allow my light to shine'. 

'I am committed to becoming more me.'

'I am in control of my wellness.' 

Now go and have a beautiful week ahead.

Nicola X x

P.S - I've really enjoyed this guided meditation over the last few days, its all about smiling from the inside out. If you try it, let me know what you think.