I am so excited to have you in my digital home. Like really excited, happy dancing around my living room excited!

A Life More Inspired has been brewing for a while. An idea that came to me last year whilst I was in throes of another project, one that I had put my heart and soul into and one that was just stating to see some traction.

But this.

This idea kept pulling on my coat-tails to do something with it. Believe me I tried to ignore it but thankfully it wasn’t going anywhere.

And then one day I simply made a decision. A decision to follow what lights me up.

It was time for me to turn my ‘I WANT’ and ‘I WILL’ into ‘I AM’ and ‘I DO’.


As someone who advocates designing a life you love, following your dreams and generally making stuff happen, I practiced what I preach in the fullest way possible.

No longer staying in the safety of my Zone of Excellence and stepping into and owning my Zone of Genius. If you’ve read The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks, you’ll know what I mean – if you haven’t, you should!

So here it is, my very FIRST post in the new home of A Life More Inspired.

The vision is to curate beautiful everyday reminders of inspiration, to help you live more consciously and to bring a sense of wellbeing, empowerment and positivity into your world.

Building you a toolkit through an online shop of real-life and digital products all designed to make life generally more wonderful.


I’m already excitedly working on my own Affirmation cards and an ‘Inspiration in a box’ is on the way too!

Thank-you so very much for joining me on the journey. If you want to receive some inspiration in your inbox, come over and sign-up here. These are my weekly musings, tips and ideas.

Now the website is up, the next thing is the shop, and the excitement levels for this? They are off the scale.

Love & Light


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