What to do when business feels heavy


The start of the year was sticky for me, whilst lots of good things happened I just didn't feel quite right. 

Now I know what I'm about to say is a bit controversial, as it gets such a bad wrap but its my truth...I like a bit of hustle, I am hard-wired to hustle and to be honest I love it BUT I like a whole lot of flow with my hustle.

Up to now everything with A Life More Inspired has been in flow. Not say its been easy all of the time. That would be a lie but I've most certainly been in flow. 

However, things changed in January of this year and that fog continued through to around May. It all got a little heavy and the hustle started to feel like wading through treacle. And whilst I was still surrounded by magic, it didn't always feel like very magical.
Then the sun came out and I woke-up to myself (I'm solar powered in case you didn't already know) and with that injection of sun on my skin and a hefty dose of vitamin D I felt guided to do these things. Feel free to borrow and use! 

  • I got back to my core values.

  • Honoured my energy.

  • Attended some wonderful events and connected with some even more wonderful women.

  • Upp'ed my self-care and mindset work and dived deep into journaling.

  • Stepped further into being me.

  • Let go of some lingering should's
    ...and slowly but surely the fog lifted.

What's emerged from this difficult, yet totally necessary time, is a renewed energy around my purpose and vision. 

So now I'm here on the other side and very excited about what the rest of 2018 has to offer. 

I'm starting with a new digital home for A Life More Inspired (this is it!), the release of my free Overcoming Fear Audio Workshop and the launch of the Dream and Do Mastermind...and that's just for starters. 

So if things have been sticky for you too, just know that's ok and better times are coming!