When you feel like everyone is looking…

In true British style it was the weather that inspired this post.

After a few days of snow the cabin fever had set in so I decided to venture out. As I was getting ready to to leave the house the Mr suggested I take his coat. Its a super thick, down filled coat that he bought in New York for a New York winter and it only leaves the wardrobe when its snowing.

I tried it on and immediately felt like a dick.

It is HUGE and teamed with my leggings and polka dot wellies, fashion blogger I was not. After repeatedly asking the Mr and kiddo if I looked crazy and their looks confirming that I indeed I did…

it suddenly became about more than looking crazy in the coat and more a lesson in knowing what’s good for me.

It became about how we ignore what we know is good for us for fear of what others might think… and yes in that scenario it was  choosing how I looked to others, over staying super warm in the blizzard that North West London was currently engulfed in.

Yet it translates for so many of us, it could be
leaving the office at 5pm,
choosing to live your life in the way you want to live it,
your relationship status,
where and how you live,
your parenting choices,
doing something new and unlike what people ‘know’ you for,
owning your expert status,
from the clothes you wear to how you do your hair and everything in between. 

…and so as I looked at their bemused faces I dramatically announced that I didn’t care what they or anyone else thought, and hands waving for extra effect, I promptly left the house.

I had the best afternoon, it was a total #inspiredmoment, all wrapped up warm and enjoying being out of the house.


Because I had put my wellbeing first.

I choose myself…and it meant I came up top, as usually does when we actually dare to do it.

I know some of you might be eye rolling as it wouldn’t even be a debate for you to go to your busy local shopping high street in an XXL man’s coat, that evidently doesn’t belong to you.

Even if that is totally your thing, then take this story as a metaphor for somewhere where you are holding back on what you know is good for you because of other people’s judgement.

This life lesson just kept on giving as they often do. As it showed that those moments of caring what others thought are a waste of time.

As I walked down the high street, yes I got a few funny looks, I also got a few looks of envy…for real, I could see it in their eyes, they were effing cold and I wasn’t, they wanted my coat ; ) and the others..well they didn’t give me a second glance as they were too concerned with trying to keep warm.

And thats just it, when you choose yourself some won’t like it and they may even tell you so, others will want some of what you’ve got as you’ll inspire them to make bold moves themselves and others won’t even notice.

Look out for where you are compromising your wellbeing and joy to avoid the judgement of others and the fear of their opinions.

Your wellness is no-one’s responsibility but your own.

…and if you are offered a super warm coat in this snowy weather…take it!

I believe in you.

Nicola X x