When your vision is bigger than your schedule

Since becoming a mummy my levels of productivity, ambition and desire have increased ten-fold. The irony is that at a time when I am the most busy I have ever been. I have never wanted to do so much.

But as a mum to a toddler, a wife, part-time employee and business owner there is only so much I can physically manage and only so fast I can go with progressing my plans.

In short…


In my case this leads to suffocating feelings of overwhelm.

It manifests itself in creative and productivity paralysis, rendering me unable to do very much, squeezing my self-esteem into submission and resulting in a big old crisis in confidence.

Dramatic I know, but that’s me folks.

A few weeks ago a big dose of the overwhelm flu hit.

Wanting to do so much but lacking the time was causing me to worry about all the things I WANT / NEED/ absolutely MUST to do right now.

Following a few days of wallowing, I got a grip of myself and resolved to stop wasting time worrying. Instead channeling the energy it into getting shit done.

So, I started on the action that I had been avoiding and found I was not only more focussed but also more forgiving of myself.

And do you know what? I got shit done and it felt good!

I know most of you have multiple commitments, where juggling is the name of the game and who also experience similar bouts of overwhelm.

Here are 5 TOP tips for what to do when your vision is bigger than your schedule –

1, How are you spending your time? For a few days take a note of what you are doing and how long it is taking. We all know that social media is a massive time suck, do you find yourself mindlessly watching telly or feeling like you have to read the whole of the internet before going to be bed? It adds up and we have to ask ourselves if that time could be better spent elsewhere.

2, Why are you doing it? Coming back to your why, the reason any of this matters, is the one thing that is sure to refocus you.

3, Sometimes you just have to let things go and decide what is important? Focus on that and park the rest or simply let.it.go.

4, You are not alone. It can feel as though we are the only person in the bloody world feeling the way we do but that isn’t true. You are simply a freak of normality!

5, Now let’s get practical, write a list and then get down to the nitty gritty, what are the top 3 most important things that you need to get done each day. And be sure to check-in with yourself to ensure they are getting you closer to your vision.

Remember you can do anything, but not everything!!!!