Where are you living?

You know what its like when you are living more in your head than in your heart.

When you second guess everything.

When you overthink beyond overthink.

When you plan to the tenth degree and then that exquisite plan becomes a weight on your shoulders.

When pleasure is put aside and productivity prioritised.

When you focus more on the end goal than appreciating the journey.

…and you give away your power to anything and everyone else.

Living in your heart over your head is a step by step kind of thing.

It happens when you follow excitement and flow instead of forcing and pushing.

It is feeling lit up about the things you are going to do, feeling as alive on the weekdays as you do on the weekends and seeing life as an adventure rather than a point-blank given.

Knowing that you came here for more than living out someone’s else dream and that you have more to give and contribute to your life.

But mostly it’s knowing that you want to be an active participant instead of a passive bystander.

And it isn’t for everyone. Its not what we have been brought up to do.

Going into adulthood we were taught to let go of what our heart wanted, to stop trusting what our intuition was telling us and to ignore the whispers from our body.

When you are all up in you head, feeling confident becomes hard work.

It becomes an illusive game of chase that you are never going to win.

When you’re in your heart, you can sink into the knowing that you have everything you need, that you are enough and you are an amazing human being with an experience to live.

At first it will be a concious thing and over time it will become easier to seek out that place.

The next time you have a big-ish decision to make…which will probably be in the next 24-48 hours.

Practice asking that question from your heart vs your head.

Your head will be shrouded by societal and cultural expectations and conditioning…there might be a few ‘shoulds’ popping in there too.

Your heart will have a sense of knowing, excitement, fear, just yes, a ooh and a ’that would be amazing’.

You might still decide to go with your head but at least you’ve given your heart a fighting chance, right?

You’ve given it a precious look-in. Because not all decisions were designed to be made purely with our heart.

The beautiful medley of life wants us to draw from both places.

And that is key for you to understand too.

I’m not saying that you throw the masculine, rational, logical, hustle (cos I’m a girl that loves a little hustle) out of the window.

What I’m saying is that you allow them both in. You stop seeing one as more superior that the other and instead know that there is a place for both.

I’m writing this because I see too many of us, going all in with just with our heads.

It’s time to readdress the balance. I know you need it, your communities need it, your cities and countries need it and you know what? The world needs it.

Try it as an experiment this week and see what happens…