Who are you creating for?

I have a question for you.

Who are you creating for?

Do you have the sceptics and naysayers in your mind or maybe you have your peers?

Almost unconsciously holding back because you are already pre-empting what those who disagree would say or what industry colleagues would think, instead of focusing on those who actually ‘need what you’ve got’.

Its so easy to get caught in that space especially within the social media bubble but ultimately, your work isn’t for either of those groups.

Your work is for those who need you to be sharing your message, those people who want to buy your products, wear your clothes, sign-up to your programme, display your art, read your book etc etc etc. 

So just check-in with your intention. Check-in with who it is you are creating for, when you start to put pen to paper or start tapping away at the keys of your laptop or phone. You might find there are places you could go further in, where you no longer have to hold back if you keep in mind who you are really doing this for.

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