are you ready for 1-2-1 support? 

The 'Dream and Do’ Private Mentoring is for you if...⁣

❤️You’re a creative woman who is tired of making plans that never go anywhere.⁣

❤️You want a marketing plan and strategy that connects with your ideal clients but feels good to implement daily. ⁣

❤️You know that fear has held you back and you’re ready to draw a line in the sand.⁣

❤️You have an idea with you want to bring to life, maybe its a new creative project, an extension to your current work or you want to breath life back into your existing brand.⁣ ⁣⁣

❤️You want to let go of doing all the things and be able to focus, knowing that what you are doing is making an impact.⁣

❤️You want to feel supported and are exhausted going it alone. ⁣

❤️You want to build an amazing brand.⁣

❤️You want to get out there, be visible and claim your space like you see so many others doing.

In the Dream and Do Personal Mentoring Programme, this is what we’ll do together…

Creative Strategy Session…here we get you set-up and ready. Going through the Why, Who, What, Where. Diving deep into your why (super important for soulful marketing ; ), we go into your brand values, Who YOU are and who are your ideal clients. We also tackle the mindset, uncovering the blocks, working on your belief and setting you up with tools to support the work we will be doing together.  

⁣A plan for your creating, making and marketing…you will have a clear plan on what you are working towards and clear goals that are aligned to you. A plan that honours your wellness alongside your work and your other commitments so that you can take action in a way that feels good. 

⁣Fortnightly meetings – We meet twice a month on zoom to go through anything that has come up for you,to see you through the next stage of your plan and for the all important accountability. 

Private Facebook group for the 2 of us – This exists because things don’t happen just every 2 weeks, right? And sometimes you just can’t wait. To be honest the time we spend together in the group alone is worth the value of the programme ; ). Here we have a direct line to one another so that I can keep you on track in-between calls. I’m here for SOS pick-me-ups and sanity checks on artwork, ideas, text…the lot! 

If you think you are ready for this kind of support, complete the below form or email me on nicola[at] and let's schedule a time to talk it through. 

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Feeling at a place of confusion with many aspects of my life was leaving me feeling anxious and unsure.
However the coaching sessions with Nicola have helped me to break down why and how I have been feeling.
They were priceless to be honest as they helped me to unlock the passion that I have been so fearful to embrace, and have encouraged me to embark on a new journey.
If you are a woman in need of a bit of motivation Nicola is definitely the woman for you.
— Chyloe
When I first started on my journey with Nicola, I was feeling disconnected from myself, the work I was doing and the general path I was on. The following three-months on the - ‘A Life More Inspired’ - programme - proved to be transformational for me.

The weekly sessions gave me greater clarity regarding my goals and dreams, and what I needed to do to move closer to them. For example, the coaching gave me the courage to leave my job and become a successful, freelance consultant. It also helped to expand my self-belief and confidence levels. I went from wanting to avoid the spotlight, to auditioning for the lead role in a play – and getting it!

Whilst the learning continues, Nicola has armed me with so many useful tools and techniques that I feel so much stronger to deal with any challenges that come my way. Whether they be affirmation cards, inspirational books, journaling exercises, healing crystals or therapeutic methods, Nicola instinctively knows what things to float your way to help get you to where you need be. And do you know what the most beautiful part of it is? It always seems so natural and organic. It’s like you’re listening to the voice of your true inner best friend, your own personal cheerleader! If you want to be the best version of yourself, but need a little guidance, or if you just want a little bit more inspiration in your life, I cannot recommend Nicola and her wonderful programme enough x
— Undaleeb