i'm nicola...

I'm a Creative Mentor, mum and former people pleaser. After starting my own self-development journey: 
I have gone from a woman lacking in confidence, believing I had no control over my life and that dreams were strictly reserved for the land of nod... to someone who is making shit happen, showing up whole-heartedly and unapologetically me. 



I am on a mission to help you to be more you in your life and business. 

and i am here to help you to Create the ideas that are on your heart and in your mind...

whilst affirming and encouraging your self-worth along the way. 


Because this is your competitive advantage. It is what is going to help you stand out in the crowd and attract your community to you AND it also feels so much better. 

On paper being ourselves should be the easiest thing in the world, but in reality this isn't always the case. That's why I do more than just tell you to 'be yourself' - I help you get there.

I work with purpose-driven women, they are makers of products and CREATORS of services that they know are going to make a real difference. 

I help you to create a life you want to be the star of. Letting go of past stories that try and dictate who you are and what you SHOULD do and instead writing the story of how you want to feel…and then making it happen.

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Why Creativity and Wellness?

You are here to CREATE. You have ideas on your heart and in your mind to get out and into the world. Ideas that are going to help people and change your life and their lives in the process but there are a few things that get in the way, fear is one of them! 


You are also here to be WELL. But modern life, with all its distractions, stress and noise isn't always conducive to feeling good. Wellness is more than green smoothies, turmeric lattes and whatever the latest fitness craze is and self-care is more than manicures and spa breaks.

Wellness is about how you feel in your mind as well as your body and it is your emotional wellbeing, spirit and soul that I am here for.

Self care as Audre Lorde said is 'self-preservation'. 

... and they sit side by side. You can't create if you don't feel well. 


Here are a few things to get you started. Just decide what you need help with. 

Getting started... 

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Social media is getting me down

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I'm gripped by fear/I'm lacking confidence...

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I'm feeling overwhelmed

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