style sessions (2 hour intensive)


Tell me your dream and we’ll build it together. 

You have that idea, project or venture that you either want to get out and into the world or you have already started it and want to go bigger but its a lack of confidence that is holding you back.

These Style Sessions are designed to focus directly on what is stopping you from taking the inspired action. After our session, you will be ready to take your next best step and go from dreaming about the idea to actually doing and living it.

Style Sessions are intensively focussed on one thing, mapping it out and coming up with a solution that feels good to you and fits into your life.

They are great for providing clarity, focus and a way forward without the financial or time commitment of an ongoing programme. 

The investment for our mentoring session is £250 for 2 hours of confidence building and clarity enhancing magic.

  • You'll have the opportunity to submit questions beforehand which I will answer on our call.

  • You’ll get an audio recording of the session.

  • You will receive an action plan afterwards.


Get in touch with any questions and if you’re ready to go

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I booked a Style Session with Nicola as I was feeling overwhelmed and confused as to what direction to focus my energies. I was feeling eaten by fear and it was stunting my progress in all aspects of my business. Seeing you pop up lots in my newsfeed I knew chatting to you would help me gain some clarity. And that’s exactly what happened. I loved our chat. It’s helped me be ok with the fear and not let it take over me. I feel focused on why I want to adjust my business a bit and I’m able to be more visible as I feel clear on where I’m going. I can’t tell you how much more at ease I’m feeling Nicola so thank you so so much. I love your warm guidance it really is such a wonderful quality. Thank you so much for the call
— Abby, Love Your Birth
Our 1 to 1 session was a gentle but firm steer filled with smiles and laughter that reminded me that  everything I need to pursue my passion, hopes and dreams is already within me.  Sometimes you just need a cheerleader in your corner, rooting for  you.  And that is exactly what Nicola was and is for me. 
— Ashleigh
Just a quick note to say a massive thank you for our style session last night. I’ve got way more out of it than you’ll know. It’s given me clarity and confidence - which were two things definitely lacking. I got a new perspective on how to move forward and it feels so easy and obvious I can’t believe I didn’t think of it this way before. My mind is pouring out tons of on-point ideas... I had to get up early this morning to write them all down! Thank you. I’ll definitely be booking another session in, maybe a check-in in a few months time to keep focused.
— Dawn, Rehab for Mums
I just wanted to to say thank you for the Power session. I enjoyed it and I’m so fired up (and focused😊) after speaking to you!
— Val, Wedding Planner